Ginsana® at the 4. DV-Congress of integrative oncology in Wien


Ginsana® is a pharmaceutical drug that helps to improve physical performance by treating fatigue and tiredness. Fatigue is the most prevalent symptom of individuals under cancer treatment: 70-100% of patients undergoing chemotherapy and /or radiotherapy are affected by cancer-related fatigue.
1 Fatigue also remains in cancer survivors;
2 Post-cancer fatigue is a frequently occurring, severe, and invalidating problem, impairing quality of life.
3 Therefore thanks to the work of Sanova Pharma, the partners in the Austrian market, Ginsana® has been showcased during the 4. DV-Congress of integrative oncology from March 31st to April 1st 2017.
At the congress, doctors from different fields were able to listen to interesting presentations related to cancer treatments. There was also a part for the public, where people could inform themselves about different ways to cope with cancer. Many doctors showed their interest in Ginsana® and wanted to get more information about this pharmaceutical drug based on ginseng and its efficacy. a dedicated folder focusing on treating fatigue with Ginsana® has been appositely created for the congress.

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