Ginsana® .Vitalise

Ginsana® is specifically designed for adults who need more energy to face the day: from the exhausted manager to the pressured journalist and the tired mothers juggling family life and work. For day or night, for job or fun. People who need more long-term energy will appreciate Ginsana®.

The product

Ginsana® is the all natural long-term energy provider in case of fatigue, weakness and exhaustion. Made from the highest quality ginseng, Ginsana® puts you back on track naturally.


  • Gradually increases physical performance
  • Shortens recovery time
  • Supports the immune system in stressful situations


Ginsana® contains only standardised G115® Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer root extract.
Capsules: 100 mg per capsule
Tonic: 140 mg per dose (15 ml)
Chewable tablets: 50 mg per tablet.

What is G115® Ginseng extract

G115® Ginseng extract is a unique and scientifically proven extract made from the roots of the plant Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer. Its high level of safety and efficacy and its positive effects have been tested and proven in world-wide studies. G115® Ginseng extract is standardised. Standardisation means that each dose contains an equal amount of active ingredients and, hence, the same quality and efficacy is guaranteed from capsule to capsule.

Galenical forms

Ginsana® is available as:

  • Soft gelatine capsules in glass bottles of 30, 100 or blister of 30, 60, 100
  • Tonic with alcohol in glass bottles 250 ml and 2 x 250 ml
  • Fruit tonic without alcohol in glass bottles 250 ml and 2 x 250 ml


  • Capsules: 2 capsules daily, each capsule contains 100 mg of standardised ginseng extract G115®
  • Tonic with or without alcohol: 15 ml daily containing 140 mg of standardised ginseng extract G115®

Additional information

The capsules do not contain sugar and are therefore suitable for diabetics. Each capsule contains 3.46 kcal (14.5 kJ). Ginsana® is suitable for long-term treatment.The G115 Ginseng extract has no doping effect and no oestrogen-like effects and is also suitable during menopause.


Ginsana® is also marketed as Ginsenosan®.

Note: G115® trademark of Pharmaton SA registered in Switzerland and used under license