Symposia in Oman to sustain Gincosan® and SonghaTM Night


On the 19th and 20th of April SFI organized two symposia in Oman in collaboration with its local partner Muscat Pharmacy. The main objective of the events were to showcase and reinforce Gincosan and Songha Night knowledge for pharmacists, doctors and psychiatrists. On the 19th the presentations were held in Muscat with a presence of around 80 Health Care Professionals. Chiara Ascardi presented Gincosan and Songha Night main characteristics and points of strengths also in comparison with other products, including the most relevant clinical studies and the SFI source to patient philosophy. In addition Dr. Gerald DCosta (Psychiatrist, Badr Al Sama hospital) presented his experience in prescribing Songha Night to his patients.

On the 20th, the lecture was held at the Al Masarath psychiatric hospital, the most prominent and advanced hospital in this field in Oman. On this presentation some 35 doctors and internists attended and both Gincosan and Songha Night received very positive feedbacks and the willingness from the doctors to start using these products for their patients. Both Gincosan and Songha Night are present in the whole GCC countries since years. Events such these two show the products are very well known but also that new users/patients can always get benefit for their health in giving as first choice a try with natural, clinically proven, nature based products; the endorsement of the HCPs of such a behaviour is essential. 

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