Calorease FBCx .Восстановление

Actively control weight is vital for our wellbeing. But often this is easier said than done. When keeping a balanced diet and practising regular workout, Calorease™ FBCx™  helps manage weight and supports a healthy blood lipid profile.

The product

Calorease™ FBCx™ contains the natural soluble fibre alpha-cyclodextrin patented as FBCx™, that binds with dietary fat and prevents its absorption.


Calorease™ FBCx™:
+ Binds with dietary fat and inhibits its absorption, helping to reduce calories
+ Helps manage weight / prevent weight gain when combined with a healthy diet and exercise
+ Helps reduce triglycerides and cholesterol levels
+ Attenuates the rise of triglycerides after a fat-containing meal


One tablet contains 1000 mg of alpha-cyclodextrin.

The natural fat binder with no side effects to manage weight

The FBCx™ - fat inclusion complex - is not subjected to the action of human digestive enzymes, so it passes unabsorbed through the small intestine. As opposed to lipase inhibitors that cause large amount of free dietary fat to pass through the digestive tract, Calorease™ FBCx™ does not have their typical side effects (e.g. abdominal discomfort, leakage, flatulence).

Galenical form

Calorease™ FBCx™ is available as film coated tablet.


Adults take two tablets with fat-containing meal or snack, three times a day.

Additional information

• Calorease™ FBCx™ safety and efficacy have been proven for over a decade in clinical and pre-clinical trials and are continuously updated to sustain its competitive advantage.
• Calorease™ FBCx™ is safe and highly tolerated; no side effects have been reported when taken as directed.
• Calorease™ FBCx™ holds patented fat binding and health claims.
• Suitable for vegans. It contains no gluten, lactose, yeast, wheat, sugar, salt, eggs, soy, dairy, artificial colors, sweetners or preservatives